Tour Guide Israel:  Visiting The Holyland?
Want an up-close look at our beautiful country – The Holy Land?
You need a private tour guide in Israel

  IDO HERUTY  (Co – Owner)  –  Israel born Expert Private Tour Guide in Israel   Government Licensed Tour Guide Specializes in Personally tailored Tours Jewish, Christian, Historical, and Archeological ToursGuiding and Tourism Consultation Tours in English and Hebrew

JOEL BERMAN  (Founder/retired)- South African born Retired Senior Military Officer Government Licensed Tour Guide Specializes in Christian, Jewish, Archaeology, Historical and Military sight’s Tours in English and Hebrew


Here you can find most of the sights worth visiting on your guided tours to Israel.

Israel is the Land of the Bible – Old Testament and New Testament and your Israel private tour guide will teach you all about the Biblical connections. Wherever you stand or look you will find sights and sites that will remind you of our heritage. Israel is also a modern state with advanced agriculture, high-tech, tourist and recreational sights and hotels, many beaches and modern and ancient cities – some of them alive 24/7. Israel has a half a dozen different zones of climate – from the snowy Mount Hermon in the north to the very arid Negev Desert in the south. Israel is also a country with new immigrants from almost every country in the world. Israel tour guides will bring them alive for you.

These are the sights and sites that I recommend visiting with your tour guides Israel.

 On all Holy Land tours the Old City of Jerusalem is the center of the three important religions of the ancient world. Here you can see with tour guides in Israel the Western Wailing wall – the most sacred site today for Jews; the Church of the Holy Sepulture – the most Holy Site for Christians; and the Dome of the Rock and El-Aqsa Mosque – the third most holy site for Muslims. Standing on the Mount of Olives or while you travel on Holyland tours through the city your tour guide Israel will point out sights, buildings, streets and other historical and archeological findings that will send you back 2-6000 years in time.

Every private tour guide in Israel and all Israeli tour guides have their favorite places to visit and these are mine.

Inside is a short-list of my favorite one day private tours of Israel organized regionally to shorten time wasted on long drives to and fro.

My idea, as an Israel tour guide, is to present you with an idea of what a day of touring consists of and how I plan tours.

If you are coming for a couple of days on your trip to Israel – the tours in your itinerary may look slightly different as each tourist has different interests (like religion for example) and as all my Israel tours are tailor made – no two tours of Israel are the same.

You are most welcome to come and tour Israel with me on your Christian tours to Israel or your Jewish tours of Israel.