Tour Guide in Israel – My Favorite Tours

JerusalemwheelchairJerusalem – City of Gold

Christian, Jewish, Muslim or of other faiths, there is no way to resist the majesty and beauty of this city.

See Mount Moriah and the Dome of the Rock – where Abraham brought Isaac to be sacrificed; where the Holy of Holies of the Jewish Temple stood; where Jesus overturned the stalls of the merchants; where later the Prophet Muhammad stood before ascending to heaven.

Walk up to the Western Wailing Wall and write your personal request.

Walk along the Via Dolorosa, seeing some of the Stations of the Cross, to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Jesus was crucified and buried.

View the Old City from the heights of the Mount of Olives and spend a few moments of silence in the Church of the Garden of Gethsemane.

Visit King David’s Tomb and the Room of the Last Supper.

View the ancient steps which Jesus surely climbed to enter the Temple.

Walk thru the alleys, feel the atmosphere and smell the aromas of the Arab markets.

wheelchairThe Mystical Galilee of the Jews

gallilee1Visit Sipphoris the capitol of the Galilee after the destruction of the Second Temple, and home of the Rabbis who compiled and edited the Talmud and the Mishnah. There you will see the beautiful mosaic floors, the ritual baths, the Cardo and the ancient reservoir.

Visit Safed, the Mystical City where the Kabbalah reached the peak of its influence, see the synagogues, the verandah where The “Ari” wrote prayers still used today to welcome the Sabbath, visit the graves of the holy people of yesterday. See the mountain view, visit the artist quarter and feel the atmosphere of a ancient and modern holy city.

Visit Tiberius, built at the time of King Herod the Great, later the burial site of Jewish nobles, like Rabbi Moses Ben-Maimon. Visit the 2000 year old mosaic floor of the synagogue. See the mystical Mount Meron and the Sea of Galilee.

wheelchairJesus in the Galilee

jordanVisit the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth where the Angel Gabriel first appeared to Mother Mary. Travel thru the village of Cana and see the “Wedding” churches dedicated to His first miracle.

Visit the churches on the sites that He preached – Mount of Beatitudes where He gave the Sermon of the Mount; Tabcha where He fed the multitudes on five loaves and two fish; Capernaum – the village of Jesus with its ancient synagogue and first “praying room”.

Visit the traditional baptismal site at Yardenit.

Travel thru the fields and by the Roman roads where He and his Disciples walked.

wheelchairThe nature of politics or the politics of nature – a day on the Golan Heights

lakeAscend the Golan Heights to visit Peace Vista and see the view that the Syrian soldiers saw looking down from their emplacements.

Tour the 55 by 24 kilometers plateau and view its beautiful landscape, snow covered mountain peaks, flowers, volcanoes, streams and waterfalls, reservoirs, villages, Roman/Crusader era ruins and fortresses, agriculture, sheep and cattle, and other nature and geological sights.

Enjoy the Golan audiovisual show where you will see the history of the Heights and the modern Golan at all seasons.

Visit the ancient town of Katserin and its museum. See and hear of the heroic stand and fall of the town of Gamla in 67 BC and of it’s rediscovery in 1967. See how the people lived during the Talmud era.

Ascend to the viewpoint on top of the Mount Bental volcano (Tel Abu-Nida), an Israeli military position, overlooking the Syrian Golan heights. Learn about the military situation of the area, the strategic importance of the Heights, the disposition of the two armies and the history of the Syrian/Israel conflict.

Visit Mount Keramim and see the Druze villages, the Hermon Mountain and the Ram Pool – a volcanic crater. Take tea with a local Druze artist and see his works, meet his family, see their house and hear his views of the situation.

Enjoy a wine tasting and a light lunch at a local winery. Taste some of the best olive oil at a olive-press facility.

wheelchair7000 Years of History in One Day of Archaeology

archeology1Visit Megiddo (Armageddon) and see more than twenty archaeological layers of successive human occupations that started here some 7000 years ago; Kings Solomon’s and Ahab’s stables, walls and gates, a hidden tunnel to the spring, a silo and many temples.

Walk in the recently reconstructed center of the Jewish/Roman/Byzantine city of Beit-Shean and see the temples, the cardo, the fountain and pool, the theater, the amphitheater and the Roman baths.

Climb the ramparts of the Crusader Fortress of Belvoir and enjoy the view. Travel thru the Jezreel valley where Gideon ambushed the Middianites, where the Judge Deborah brought havoc upon the mighty chariot army of Sisrah and where King Saul and his son Jonathan lost their lives to the Philistines.

desert2limitedThe Judean Plain – a day of awe and beauty

Visit the Armored Corps Museum and Memorial site at Laterun. Climb the tanks and feel the might of the Israeli Army.

Walk thru the Absalom stalagmite caves and see nature’s beautiful creations.

Visit Beit-Guvrin and Maresha, an immense area full of Greek/Roman man-made caves used as reservoirs, olive presses, bath houses, burial caves and bell shape mines. See the amphitheater.

Travel thru the Elah valley where the shepherd boy David slayed Goliath. See the Roman milestones on the ancient road to Jerusalem.

wheelchairThe “Dead Sea” – was it always?

dead seaDescend to the 400 meter below-sea-level Dead Sea thru the Judean mountain desert.

Visit Kumeran where 2000 years ago the “monks” of the Essene sect wrote and later hid the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Visit Massada, a massive table-mountain that King Herod the Great used as his mountain retreat. See his palaces, baths, pools, synagogue, store rooms and fortifications. Hear how later the Sicarii zealots defied the Roman siege.

In the afternoon relax at the beach and swim in the sea.

On the way see the Inn of the Good Samaritan. Cross the plains of Jericho where Joshua marched, where Elijah ascended to Heaven in his fiery chariot and where John the Baptist roamed. View the magnificent wonders of the geological formations of the Dead Sea Rift Valley.

rosh hnikralimited“From the cave of Elijah to the caves of Rosh-Hanikra” – the Western Galilee

View the beautiful mountain and port city of Haifa. Spend a minute of solace in the cave where Elijah the Prophet hid from King Ahab. Visit the majestic Baha’i Shrine and its hanging gardens.

Tour the Crusader Fortress of The Knights of Saint John in Acre. See the White Mosque with its underground reservoir, the port of the Crusader trading fleets and modern fishing boats, the Ottoman Khan, the bath house, the secret escape tunnels.

Take the cable car to the grottos at Rosh-Hanikra carved out by the massive force of the sea. Have your picture taken at the Lebanese Border gate. View the beautiful northern sea coast of Israel.

limitedLife in the desert – A day with the Bedouins

camelsDrive through the northern Negev Desert to a Bedouin tent camp near Dimona or Mashabei Sadeh. Enjoy their hospitality and learn about their way of life, customs and adjustment to today’s society.

Take a 2-hour trek on the back of a camel and see the mountain desert and nearby canyon.

Later relax in a Bedouin tent and participate in the traditional “Hafla” – a Bedouin meal of “Mansaf”, pita bread, salads, soft drinks and coffee.

In the afternoon visit the ancient, 2000 year old, ruins of the Nabathean town of Mamshit (Kornov) and see how the nomad tribe of camel train navigators adjusted to the then Roman urban society.

Wadi Masor – Picture by Marc Deckelbaum

If time permits (daylight) tour the Big Machtesh, a unique geological  “crater” formation and see the wonders of the forces of nature.

If time permits (daylight) tour the Joe Alon Center for Bedouin Heritage (a museum) instead of the Big Machtesh.


Wine Tasting Tours

wine2wheelchairIsrael has more than a dozen big and established wineries and over 300 family, boutique and “garage” wineries with more to come.

Enjoy one or more wine tasting tours to the various Israeli wineries in these areas:

  • The Golan Heights.
  • The Upper Galilee Mountains and the Dalton Heights.
  • The Carmel Mountain and the Jizrael Valley.
  • The Judean Plains and the Sharon Coast.
  • The Jerusalem Mountains.
  • The Northern Negev Desert.
Assaf Winery - Golan Heights
Assaf Winery – Golan Heights

Tour one of the big and established wineries in each area to learn the process and then try 2-3 boutique and family wineries.

At each winery we will be able to taste a few of their wines and if you like them you can always take a bottle or two home.

The tours will be organized regionally in the areas where we are spending an overnight and can also be done as one day tours out of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

(Mt.) Odem Winery - Golan Heights
(Mt.) Odem Winery – Golan Heights

Add a short culinary experience to your trip by having lunch or dinner at a local “native” restaurant where you will not meet any other tourists, only Israelis out for a special meal. These restaurants are local, authentic places from the various cultures that have gathered in Israel from the four corners of the Earth. I promise not to take you to any gourmet restaurants.

Add a visit to a goat and sheep cheese farm or to an olive oil production facility (olives, oil, soaps and heath products) and experience something typically Mediterranean.