Recommended Tourist Places and Links




The Jerusalem Post – Israel’s leading news site – Read about the real news in Israel and not the 20 seconds or 2 inches your TV station or newspaper gives you.

The Quarter Café (Café Ha-Rova) – in the Jewish Quarter of the Jerusalem’s Old City. Whether you go there for the excellent food or for the beautiful Old-City-roof-top vista you will have a great experience. Breakfast/lunch/dinner/parties. Tel (+972) 2 628 7770.

Yunes Restaurant – want to have the best and authentic (native) local food? Eat at Yunes (since 1968) – the best Arab restaurant in Israel where every meal is a “Hafflah” (a banquet) and cooked according the the recepies of Mrs. Yunes. In the Galilee on hiway 77 near Golani junction just west of Tiberius. Tel 04-6767343.

Savransky Diamonds  – Private Jeweler – an exquisite boutique to buy polished diamonds and diamond jewelry. Other precious stones too. Saveransky are members of the Diamond Exchange – in the Israel Diamond Bourse of Ramat Gat / Tel Aviv. Very discrete and total privacy. Will open especially for you even at odd hours and weekends. If you choose to visit during the hours of business of the exchange they will also give you a tour of the business hal. Visiting is by invitation only. Ask me for an introduction.

Rozen Gallery – in the Old City of Jerusalem. Benny and Guy Rozen, painter and sculptor brothers,  have an art gallery in the Cardo where they sell their own work and represent half a dozen other artists. Worth a visit. Telephone – 02-6289578 / 050-9092922 (on Facebook)

Leon Gallerythe Artists Quarter in Tsfat/Saffed. Leon Azoulay is a master of Calligraphy art. All his paintings are constructed of texts of the Hebrew Scriptures – the Bible, prayers ceremonies and religious chants. Leon is the “last Mohican” of this art. Telephone – 04-6921908

Israel TV – News in English – a local Israeli program.

Nof Ginosar Hotel and B&B – my favorite place to stay in the Galilee just 10 minutes north of Tiberius – on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Nice rooms in the hotel and the village (a B&B using some of the hotel facilities), great food in the dining room, a beach and pool and beautiful gardens. It is part of a Kibbutz which you can also tour.

Inbal Elisheva Arazi Berman – Tour Guide in Israel – an excellent young tour guide. Works in English, Italian and Hebrew. Gets on very well with everybody and especially the younger generation. Can do bus tours or tours with a van and driver. Works independently and has my companies guidance, full support and logistics. Telephone- (+972) 54 495 5288. Email – . Also check out Inbal’s profile on Facebook

Noya Events – Planning on having a Barmitzvah in Israel? A wedding? A gathering of the clan? Yael Leybovich-Granot specializes in planning co-ordinating and executing all different types of events – all with great success. Yael is the engine behind the scenes and she and her team can do exactly what you need. I do Yael’s guests private tours and she organizes the events of my tourists.

Israel Phones Global – This is the company that I work with and recommend for mobile rentals, SIM cards and data deals. Get your phone and number when you arrive or before you leave home.

Israel, a Chronology – By Adrian Wolff.  A complete history from Biblical to modern times All biblical quotations are color coded, photographs, maps and charts are integrated into the text. A must piece of reading for all people interested in the Holy Land. You can order directly from Adrian.

wheelchairEshkol Technologies – wheel-chair and scooter rentals in Israel. – Recommended by me for the needs of people with limited mobility who want to tour Israel.

EliaDesigns – Unique Judaica Gifts – World of embroidery designs by Elia Sagi, an Israeli artist. Integrated embroidery & patchwork, unique wall art – focusing on Judaic motifs. Each embroidery is original and unique, created according to patterns designed by Israeli Artists.

THE ZEALOT – a book written by Reza Aslan. This books describes the life in the Holy Land from the Greek occupation in the 2nd Century BC all the way thru to the Byzantine Empire in the 4th Century AD. The book is divided int 3 main times:- The life in the Jewish Kingdom and the awakening of the zealot/messianic movements that lead to the fall of Judea in 70AD; The rise of the religious messiahs and the new Judo-Christian zealot/messianic sect of Jesus of Nazareth; the spreading of the new religion from Jerusalem to the Roman Empire until the Nicea council. The book is very well written and in terms that can be understood by laymen. A must to grasp what happened here – for anyone coming to Israel – Christian or Jewish. (Can be found on Amazon)

A very old olive tree on Mt of Olives