Sights in Israel

Entrance Fees (per person): L / $ = up to $3; M / $$ = $4 to $7; H / $$$ = over $8

Rating: Interesting =  1_flag | Worth A Journey = 2_flags | Highlight = 3_flags

AreaInterestingName of PlaceDescriptionTime Needed (hours)Price
ABethsaida parkExcavations of fishing town condemned by Jesus. Recreation. Rafting.1$$
AKatserinMineral water factory, Olive oil factory exhibition, Beer brewery1$
AGolan Heights (car drive, vistas and visits)Peace outlook, Mounts Bental & Tel Hasi outlooks, OZ-77 War memorial, volcanoes, Syrian border, Mt. Hermon, Ram pool, Druze villages, Katserin sights4
AMoshav Eli-AdChateau Golan winery0.5
AOdemMt. Odem winery0.5
ANimrod's FortressCrusader era fort1$$
AKursiGergesa "swine miracle" monastery ruins0.5$
ANaturAncient synagogue0.5$
AHamat GaderModern & Roman era spa3$$$
AKatserin2000 year-old synagogue, village and museum1.5$$
AGamla2000 year-old town & battle site with Romans1-3M
ABaniasNature reserve, springs, Roman era spa1M
AKatserinGood winery1.5M
BHulaNature reserve - marsh1M
BKerem Ben-ZimraRimon pomegranate "wine" & health products1?
BKerem Ben-ZimraMiles boutique winery0.5?
BKibbutz YironGalilee Mountain winery1L
BKiryat Shemona / Manara CliffsRappelling, vista, cable car (kids' attraction)2H
BKorazimAncient "black" synagogue0.5L
BKfar TavorTavor winery0.5?
BMaayan - BaruchPre-historical man museum1L
BMegiddoArmageddon - Israelite city, 1500-700 BCE2M
BBeit AlfaMosaic floor of 1700 year-old synagogue0.5L
BMetulaLebanese border sights and spring0.5?
BAlon HagalilYifach-El winery0.5?
BNazarethMary's Well church; Annunciation Basillica2-3?
BTel DanNature reserve, ancient Israelite city, springs (kids' attraction)1.5M
BBeit SheanRoman city center, baths, theater, fountain temple2.5M
BCanaChurches - wine Miracle0.5?
BDaltonDalton winery1L
BHatzor5000-7000 year-old city1M
BBelvoirCrusader fort1M
BTel HadarSite of the Second Feeding of the Multitude0.5?
BTiberiusAncient synagogue, Maimondas tomb0.5L
BYardenitTraditional Baptismal site0.5?
BYesud Hamaala"Agamon" - Hula swamp refill (migratory birds and nature)3M
BMount TaborTransfiguration Church & vista1?
BNazareth VillageLife in a village 2000 years ago2H
BNorth Shore of Sea of Galilee (Christian sights)Mt. of Beatitudes, Church of Loaves & Fish, Capernum village, Ancient synagogue, Mensa Christi Chapel, Ancient fishing boat, Jordan River2-4L
BSafed (Tsfat)Jewish holy & mystic town, art galleries, synagogues, beautiful vista2?
BSafed (Tsfat) areaGraves of Jewish sages??
BSipporis (Tsipori)Roman time Jewish capital. Mosaic floors, water works, theater1.5M
CEin ShemerConservation of an early kibbutz and the modern one1L
CHaderaEarly town conservation1L
CHaifaBaha'i shrine & gardens, beautiful view of bay, Kasra art pavillion & mall, Bible-dolls museum3?
CAtlitIllegal immigration conservation & museum1M
CDaliat El Carmel (near Haifa)Druze village, local colour & market1?
CRosh HanikraSea grotto and cable car1H
CAcre (Akko)Crusader castle, fort, port, Muslim city, Etsel Martyr's museum, Ethnographical museum2-3M
CGhetto Fighters KibbutzHolocaust museum (OK for kids)1-3L
CHaifaNaval and Illegal Immigration museum1.5M
DDead SeaSwim in sea & mud baths at beaches or hotel spas2-3M/H
DSachneSpring & pools - recreation2-3M
DJerichoMount of Temptation monastery, vista and cable car2H
DKumranSite of Dead Sea Scrolls1M
DEin GediNature reserve, animals, ancient synagogue (kids' attraction)1-3L/M
DMassadaKing Herod's desert fort, palace, baths, synagogue (Cable car ascent)2.5H
DKasr El YahudOriginal baptismal site1H
DJericho3000-7000 year-old city1M
DAlmogDead Sea Scrolls display, Tabernacle in the Desert1L
EAppolonia / Arsuf / HertzeliyaCrusader fortress1L
ECarmel CavesPre-historical man site1M
ECesearea (Maritima)Roman-era city & port1.5M
EDor/NachsholimUndersea archaelogical museum, city and port1-2L
EEmek HeferRecanati winery1M
EKibbutz Magal - "Utopia"Unique agricultural/environmental experience with very modern technology1-3H
EKibbutz Sdot YamHanna Senesh museum1L
ETel AvivDiaspora museum1.5M
ETel AvivEretz Yisrael museum2M
ETel AvivOld Jaffa - art quarter1?
ETel AvivPalmach museum - "live exhibit"2M
ETel AvivDiamond museum0.5L
ETel Aviv - Malchai Yisrael squareAssassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's memorial site0.5?
ETel Aviv - Nachalat Benyamin St.Tuesday & Friday art & crafts market1?
EZichron YaakovTishbi winery0.5H
EZichron YaakovFirst Aliya museum, Ramat Hanadiv park, Aharonson house & Nili Underground museum2-3M
FJerusalem and BethlehemSee Separate Page2-3 DAYS?
GKibutz TsoraTsora winery0.5?
GAbsalom CaveSorek Stalagmite cave1.5M
GAshdodPhilistine museum1M
GAyalon Institute ("The Bakery")Secret 1947/48 ammunition factory1M
GGivatiGivati battalion museum1L
GMaresha & Beit GuvrinGreek/Roman cave city - industry, burial, mine (kids' attraction)3M
GAgurAgur winery0.5?
GLaterunPark Mini-Israel - more than 350 models of buildings and sights in Israel2-3H
GLachishAncient Israelite town conquered in 702 BC1?
GLaterunByzantine-era church of Emmaus0.5?
GLaterunArmored Corps memorial & museum (kids' attraction)1L
GRamat RazielKastel winery1?
GRevadimPhilistine lifestyle musem1L
GYad MordechaiHolocaust museum, 1948 battle site1L
HBeer-Sheba (Lahav)Joe Alon Bedouin heritage center1-3M/H
HAvdat2000 year-old Nabathean town1M
HArad1000 BCE Israeli town1L
HAradDesert visitors' center0.5L
HRevivimCamel farm and ride1M
HAradYattir winery0.5L
HAvdatNature trek & waterfall3L
HBeer-Sheba (Tel Sheva)1000 BCE Israelite town0.5L
HSde BokerBen Gurion's home & grave0.5?
HBeer-ShebaAir Force museum (kids' attraction)1M
HMamshit / Kornov2000 year-old Nabathean town, camel trek0.5-4M/H
HMitspe RamonRamon Machtesh sites & camel trail1-5M/H
HMitspe RamonAlpaca animal farm (kids' attraction)1M
HNorth NegevMountain trail drive, flowers, desert sites3-6?
HNorth NegevLarge & small Machtesh geology, sandstone erosion patterns2-4?
HRevivim1948 war site & early Kibbutz reconstruction1L
IEilat Dolphin ReefDive & swim with dolphins2H
IShacharutCamel trek4-8H
IKibbutz Neot-SemadarA unique desert experience of lifestyle, architecture, agriculture and art1-2M
IRed CanyonNature & fun hike1-3?
IEilat BeachesWater sports, sailing, divingALL DAYM/H
ITimnaKing Solomon's mines park - archeology, nature1-4M
IUvda ValleyDesert & archeological drive2-4?
IEilat / ElatAquarium2-3H
IHai BarDay & night animals park1M
JHerodiumA desert retreat of Herod1M
JHebronTomb of the Patriarchs2?
JShilohEarly place of Holy Ark1M
JMaale Adumim200 CE monastery - mosaics0.5L
JMaale AdumimGood Samaritan Inn museum1M
JSebastiaRoman city center2M
JGush EtzionHeroic site of settlement1M
JSusia300 CE town & synagogue1M
BMetzudat KoahHaReut Museum of the Northern battles of the War of Independance1L
BMigdal / MagdalaAncient fishing village of Maria Magdalena0.5$$
C2_flagsKiryat Tivon - Tulip wineryGreat winery supporting a villkage with special-need people1$$
EKibbutz PalmachimBeit Miriam - archaeological museum of tel Yavneh-Yam1$